Tono Travel Guide

Tono is an inland area of Iwate Prefecture, located inside midway between Hanamaki City and Kamaishi City. It is well-known as the setting of the “Tono Monogatari” (The Legends of Tono) folktale compilation, which was written by the Japanese folklore scholar Kunio Yanagita.

For sightseeing, there are numerous spots where you can experience the world of folklore that Tono offers. You can experience life on a farm at the Tono Furusato Village, and you can also visit the Kappa Buchi which is famous for being the setting of legends about the water-dwelling youkai “kappa”. Other suggested attractions are the Tono Densho-en Park, the Folklore Street, and the Tono Monogatari-no-yakata.

A car is recommended for moving throughout the area, however there are plenty of spots that can be easily accessed via public transportation. The nearest airport is the Iwate Hanamaki Airport, where you can take a bus to JR Tono Station, making access from various cities throughout Japan very easy.

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