Oga Travel Guide

Oga is an area of Aomori Prefecture centered around Oga City. Oga City sits on a peninsula jutting out into the Sea of Japan, and because of this the area is sometimes called the Oga Peninsula.

Oga is known of the birthplace of Aomori Prefecture’s traditional practice of “namahage”, a nationally designated Intangible Cultural Property. Namahage is a traditional event when villagers dress up as ogres and come into the village on New Year’s Day, admonishing badly-behaved children. The badly-behaved children crying because of the scary ogres is said to be one of the most representative images of Oga. For people interested in learning about this custom, we encourage you to visit the Namahage Museum which offers an introduction to the history of the event. Other spots worth visiting in Oga include the Oga Aquarium GAO, Mayama-jinja Shrine, Nyudo-zaki, and the Natural rock bridge “Daisan-Kyo.”

A car is recommended for traveling through the area. There are chartered taxis available for sightseeing which you can use as well. To get to the Oga area you can use the Shinkansen or an airplane. For the Shinkansen, take the Akita Shinkansen to Akita Station, or you can take the JR Oga Line to Oga Station. The nearest airport is Akita Airport.

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