Kurikoma Kogen Travel Guide

The Kurikoma Kogen is an area of Miyagi Prefecture that includes Kurihara City and Osaki City. This area has an abundance of nature spots, including Mt. Kurikoma, Azabu Valley and Izu Marsh.

Mt. Kurikoma (Miyagi) is enjoyed by mountain climbers all year round for its beautiful seasonal scenery, including fall leaves and beautiful winter landscapes. You can see certain rare mountain plants here that only grow at high altitudes. After having some fun mountain climbing, we recommend a visit to Naruko Onsen hot spring. Japan has 11 different types of hot spring, and Naruko Onsen has 9 of them for you to enjoy. Naruko Onsen is also known for its kokeshi dolls, and you can even enjoy making your own kokeshi doll.

The most convenient way to travel around Kurikoma Kogen is via train or car. You can easily get to Naruko Onsen via train, but if you’re interested in mountain climbing or other outdoor activities a car is more convenient. To get to the area via Shinkansen, take the Shinkansen to Furukawa Station, and from there you switch to the Rikuu East Line. Alternatively, if you are traveling by airplane you will want to go to the Sendai Airport where you can take a Shinkansen or regular train to Kurikoma Kogen area.

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