Hachinohe Travel Guide

Hachinohe is located in the southeast area of Aomori Prefecture.  The eastern portion of the area is facing the Pacific Ocean and Hachinohe is famous for its seafood.

Hachinohe is well-known for its morning market.  Sashimi and prepared foods are sold at the morning markets such as Tatehanaganpeki Asaichi Market (open every Sunday), and Mutsuminato Ekimae Asaichi Market (open weekday and Saturday mornings).  There are areas within the morning market where visitors can eat the items purchased right there are at the market.  In addition, there are areas where visitors can take nature and culture such as Osuka Coast, Kushihiki Hachimangu Shrine, and Kabushima Island.  After getting up early to visit the morning market, enjoy a leisurely stroll.

Access within the area is convenient by train.  Visitors can take the Hachinohe Line which runs along the coast from Iwate Prefecture’s Kuji Station to Aomori Prefecture’s Hachinohe Station to go to the morning markets.  From Tokyo or Hokkaido, use the Shinkansen bullet train to reach the area.  It will take approximately 3 hours by bullet train from Tokyo.

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