Muroto Travel Guide

Muroto is an area located in the eastern part of Kochi prefecture.  In addition to the city of Muroto, the area includes the county of Aki and the city of Aki.

The southern part of the area faces the Pacific Ocean and has a temperate climate throughout the year.  For sightseeing, enjoy the beautiful scenery from Cape Muroto, nationally designated for its scenic beauty.  At the Muroto Dolphin Center, you can swim with the dolphins and really make the most of Muroto’s nature. 

Besides that, there are plenty of spots related to history, such as the Kiragawa Townscape Preservation Hall, Doikachu Samurai Residences, and The Birthplace of Yataro Iwasaki.

It is convenient to have a car for getting around this area.   Please come to this area by plane from major cities.  The nearest airport is Kochi Ryoma Airport and you can get from the airport to Muroto Cape by car.  From Tokyo to this area, it takes about 3 hours and 30 minutes. 

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