Matsuyama Travel Guide

Matsuyama is the area in Ehime Prefecture which includes Matsuyama City and Iyo City.  Matsuyama City is the central city in Ehime Prefecture and has the largest population within Shikoku.

The main tourist attraction in Matsuyama is Dogo-Onsen Hot Spring.  Dogo is said to be Japan’s oldest onsen and has even been used by the imperial family.  The area also is associated with author Soseki Natsume who wrote “Wagahai wa neodearu (I am a cat)”.  Soseki Natsume had experience working as an English teacher in Matsuyama and later wrote the novel “Botchan” which takes place in this area.

Within the city, there is a tram called Botchan Train which is named after Soseki Natsume’s work.  This tram runs from Matsuyama Station to Dogo-Onsen Station.  From one of its stops, Ookaido Station, visitors can take a ropeway to Matsuyama Castle.  When getting off at Ookaido Station, there is a large-scale shopping arcade.  Enjoy walking and shopping along this arcade which extends to the entrance of Matsuyama-shi Station.

There is public transportation between Matsuyama Station to the Dogo-Onsen area but in order to travel large distances beyond that, a car is necessary.  The closest airport to the area is Matsuyama Airport and there is a limousine bus from the airport to the train station which takes approximately 15 minutes.

※Dogo-Onsen will be partially closed from October 2017 for repair work.  The construction is scheduled to last 7 to 9 years.

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