Iya Travel Guide

Iya is an area located in the western part of Tokushima prefecture.  It includes the city of Miyoshi and the county of Miyoshi.

Popular sightseeing spots are the valleys such as the Iya Valley, Oboke and Koboke, and others, which have cliff walls widened by the Iya River.   You can see the valley up close on the Oboke Valley Boat tour, and you can enjoy other outdoor activities, like walking on the thrilling The Kazura Bridge at the Iya valley and Oku Iya Niju-Kazura Bridge (double vine bridge). There is also a campground so you can get a complete nature experience in Iya.

It is convenient to have a car for getting around this area.  If going by train, please use the Dosan line.  Iya is near the center of the island of Shikoku so Takamatsu Station in Kagawa prefecture and Kochi Station in Kochi prefecture are more convenient than Tokushima Station which is by the sea on the other side of the prefecture.   You can get from Kochi Station to Oboke Station in about 40 minutes on the Dosan line.  From Haneda Airport in Tokyo, it takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to fly to Kochi Ryoma Airport. 

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