Yaeyama Islands Travel Guide

The Yaeyama Islands are a group of islands located 400km southwest of Okinawa Prefecture’s main island. Taketomi Island, Kuroshima, Hateruma Island, Yonaguni Island, Aragusuku Island, and Hatoma Island are included. Yonaguni Island in particular is located at the westernmost end of Japan and is known as the place where you can see the last sunset in Japan.

When it comes to the attractive points of these islands, it’s their unbelievable natural environments. On each island you can see animals and plants native to the subtropical environment of the area. Moreover, the ocean is very clear and you can enjoy a gorgeous ocean view from a white sand beach.

You can access the various islands by taking a ferry from Ishigaki Island. Ferry tickets for travelling around the Yaeyama Islands are also sold from Ishigaki Island. These include Kohama Island, Taketomi Island, Kuroshima, Iriomote Island, Hatoma Island etc. Because there are numerous small islands, depending on the island you visit you may not need a car to travel. If you are coming from Tokyo, transfer at Naha Airport on the Okinawa main island, and then go to the airport at Ishigaki Island. From Ishigaki Island you can reach the various islands by ferry.

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