Sasebo / Hirado Travel Guide

Sasebo / Hirado area is located in the northwest area Nagasaki Prefecture and includes cities such as Sasebo, Hirado, and Matsuura. Hirado city was the site of the first Western trading port in Japan and became the bridge to Western culture. Because of this background, it is possible to see historical Western buildings such as the St Francis Xavier Memorial Church.

On the other hand in Sasebo city, popular destinations include Huis Ten Bosch with a motif of the Netherlands, and the Kujukushima Pearl Sea Resort theme park. The traditional handcraft industries such as Hasami and Mikawachi (Hirado) baking methods are also thriving. Due to the naval base that was placed in Sasebo after WWII, American culture is alive in the city. The origin of the famous “Sasebo Burger” is said to be a recipe that was from the US naval base in the 1950s and geared toward sales to Americans.

Travel within the area is convenient by car. Although places such as Huis Ten Bosch can be reached by train using public transportation, most of the area is more conveniently reached by car. There are busses that run in each of the cities as well. The closest airport to the area is Nagasaki Airport. It is approximately 1 hour to 1.5 hours by bus or taxi from the airport to Sasebo city. It will take an additional 2 hours by train or highway bus from Sasebo city to Hirado.

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