Naha Travel Guide

Naha is a city located in the southern area of Okinawa’s main island.

Naha has the largest population within Okinawa and is the entrance to Okinawa from other prefectures and countries.  Naha Airport is located there and Okinawa’s only train runs through Naha.

Naha’s main attraction is Kokusai Street.  There are many eateries and gift shops that line the street.  In the immediate vicinity is the Makishi Public Market where fresh fish caught near Okinawa, fresh fruits and various meats and other food can be purchased at the stores that gather there.  There are a wealth of ingredients that cannot be found outside of Okinawa so definitely give them a try.  If you wish to interact with locals, Sakaemachi Market is also a recommended spot.

Shurijo Castle is located at Shuri Station of the Yui Rail Monorail which can be boarded from Kokusai Street.  This is also a recommended spot if you go to Naha.  Shuri Castle is where the king of the Ryukyu Kingdom lived from 1429 to 1879.  It had strong influences from Chinese castle architecture and features dragons in its decoration.  To see traditional culture and crafts native to the former Ryukyu Kingdom, try visiting the Naha City Traditional Arts and Crafts Center, Shuri Ryusen, Tsuboya Yachimun Street, and Naha Municipal Tsuboya Pottery Museum.

Naha is a city but also offers sea activities.  There are tourist boats such as Sightseeing Ship Orca, Semi-Submerged Tour Boat Marine Star that allow visitors to sightsee via water.  Swimming and barbequing can also be enjoyed at Senaga Island.

Though the monorail and busses are abundant in Naha itself, travel around Okinawa is recommended by car.  Take a plane to get to Naha from cities in Honshu such as Tokyo or Osaka.

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