Miyakojima Travel Guide

Miyako-jima is a remote island located in the Miyako Islands in Okinawa Prefecture. It is located around 300km from the main island. The island’s climate is warm, averaging about 23 degrees Celsius throughout the year, and the island is surrounded by emerald green ocean. However, please note that from summer to autumn typhoons can strike the island, so be careful when visiting.

The must-see tourist attraction on Miyako-jima is its unbelievably beautiful beaches. The entire island has many gorgeous beaches where you can swim with fish. Among these beaches, two popular ones are the 7km white sand beach Yonahamaehama Beach and the Imugya Marine Garden where you can enjoy snorkeling.

If you have a car, you can travel all the way around Miyako-jima in about 4 hours. There are no trains on the island, so if you don’t have a car, buses and taxis are convenient. For those with motorcycle licenses, motorcycle rentals are recommended. To get to Miyako-jima, from Naha Airport or Haneda Airport you can take an airplane to the island. From cities other than Tokyo, you should transfer at Naha Airport. 

There are many untouched beautiful natural seashores in Miyakojima city, but they are not safe sea-bathing sites. Therefore, if an accident of the sea occurs, visitors will have to be responsible for everything. Visitors need to fully pay attention to the safety such as the depth, tidal current and dangerous living creatures when swimming in these areas. Additionally, please refrain from curious actions such as touching living creatures and coral reef to protect and sustain existing facilities and beautiful natural environment.

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