Kirishima Travel Guide

Kirishima is an area located in the central part of Kagoshima Prefecture. Within this area is ‘Kirishima National Park’ which is one of the first three areas in Japan to be designated as a national park.

As for tourist locations, you can feel the blessings of Kirishima’s natural environment at Myoken Onsen and Maruo Falls, as well as the Kirishima-jingu Shrine which is deeply connected to Japanese mythology. Another exceptionally popular spot located on the prefectural border of Miyazaki Prefecture is Takachiho Valley where the mythical spear “Ama-no-nuboko” is thrust into the mountain summit.

Certain spots in the area can be accessed via a bus from the train station, and you can generally access areas via public transportation, but a train is recommended for touring. The nearest airport is Kagoshima Airport; the nearest train station is Kagoshima Chuo Station. Sightseeing locations are generally located about 30-50 minutes away from the airport or train station.

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