Ibusuki Travel Guide

Ibusuki is an area located in the southern part of Kagoshima Prefecture. It includes Ibusuki City, Hioki City, Minamisatsuma City, Minamikyushu City, and Makurazaki City.

For tourist attractions, you can visit Ibusuki Onsen where you can enjoy a natural sand bath, and Flower Park Kagoshima where you can see flowers grown in a temperate climate. Aside from sand baths, the area has several baths that are beloved by the locals. You can also enjoy trekking up Mt. Kaimon, which is commonly called ‘Satsuma-fuji’ for its resemblance to Mt. Fuji. It is a 3 hour trek to the mountain top.

For traveling through the area, you can use a bus, rent-a-car, or rental taxi. To access the area from the major cities in Japan, you can use a plane or train. The nearest airport is Kagoshima Airport. From Kagoshima Airport to JR Ibusuki Station it is a 1 hour and 40 minute ride. When using the JR, you can take the Shinkansen to Kagoshima Chuo Station, and then switch over to the Ibusuki Makurazaki Line; from there it is a 1 hour trip to JR Ibusuki Station.

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