Fukuoka Travel Guide

Fukuoka is an area that includes Dazaifu City which has historical heritage and Fukuoka City, the largest city in Kyushu region.

Fukuoka is popularly known as city in Japan that is easy to live in. The city itself is also very compact, and you can get to Fukuoka Airport from the center portion of the city called Hakata in about 15 minutes by subway. Located about a 15-minute walking distance from JR Hakata Station there is a downtown area called Nakasu that is sandwiched in between the Hakata River and Naka River, and food stalls line the riverbanks at night there. It can be said that the landscape with the river in the immediate vicinity of the city is an iconic scene of Hakata. 

If you mention gourmet staple foods of Fukuoka, Tonkotsu Ramen (pork ramen) comes to mind. This ramen features milky soup that has been taken from pig bones, and it is served primarily with thin, straight noodles that mainly made of flour. It also maintains its own food culture by being able to choose the firmness of the noodles and also being able to have a second helping of noodles at a low-cost. You can eat ramen at outdoor food stalls, restaurants, or at a place called Ramen Stadium in Canal City Hakata where ramen shops, including Kyushu ramen shops are gathered. Also, be sure not to miss out on an event held in July every year called Hakata Gion Yamagasa festival. During the festival, a huge, 10-meter high decoration called Kazariyamagasa is paraded around the streets of Hakata. Besides this time, the decorated Yamagasa is presented at Kushida-jinja Shrine, so people who want to taste the intensity of the festival can visit there. This festival has been designated in Japan as an Important Intangible Folk Cultural Heritage, and people from Hakata take pride in this culture. Summer in Fukuoka is also packed with many events such as the fireworks display at Ohori Park. 

Fukuoka is a highly convenient place to visit when traveling in the Kyushu region. From Hakata Station it is possible to get to the adjacent Nagasaki, Saga, Oita, and Kumamoto prefectures by train or bus within one to three hours. In addition, you can easily access Yamaguchi Prefecture by crossing the Kanmon Strait that connects Kyushu and Honshu. 

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