Mito Travel Guide

Mito is an area located in the center of Ibaraki Prefecture, which includes Mito City, Kitaibaraki City, Takahagi City, Hitachi City, Hitachinaka City, Hitachi Ota City, Kasama City and others.

One of the most popular tourist spots in the area is Mito City’s Kairaku-en Park. Kairaku-en Park is famous for its plum blossoms; from February to March during the blooming period over 3000 trees of 100 different types bloom. You can enjoy the park in every season, with autumn leaves in fall and snowy scenery in winter. In addition, the region is also home to power spots such as Kasama Inari-jinja Shrine (which is counted as one of the 3 biggest Inari shrines in Japan) and Oarai Isosaki-jinja Shrine. Also, during the consecutive holiday period from April to May, the Kasama Pottery Festival is held where Kasama City’s traditional craft of Kasama-yaki and other types of pottery are sold.

Travelling by car is the most convenient way to access the area. The nearest train station is Mito Station; from each major city in Japan you can take a train or high speed bus to reach it. From Tokyo Station you can use the JR Joban Line high speed train to reach Mito Station in about 65 minutes.

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