Kawagoe Travel Guide

Kawagoe is an old castle town in the Kanto region, the northeastern part of Tokyo, which has an alias of "small Edo" (koedo) and contains a shadow shrine temple, castle ruins, warehouses and other aspects of the Edo period.

As sightseeing spots in the suburbs of Tokyo, Nikkou, Hakone etc. are well known, but Kawagoe is closer to Tokyo than these sightseeing spots. It's only about 30 minutes by train from Ikebukuro station and 1 hour from Shinjuku and Shibuya.

Because of the good access from Tokyo and it's old Japanese streets, the popularity of Kawagoe among tourists visiting Japan from abroad has increased recently. The city's name is widely spread to foreign travelers visiting Japan.

For native Japanese people, it was viewed as more of a bed town near Tokyo, and not much as a tourist spot. It was reevaluated through popular TV drama, and now many Japanese people visit Kawagoe as a sightseeing spot.

Kawagoe is administratively divided into the Japanese capital, Saitama Prefecture adjacent to Tokyo Metropolitan Government. The population of Kawagoe city is about 350 thousand, third only to Saitama City and Kawaguchi City, and many people commute to Tokyo from there due to good travel access. Even for a metropolitan area the city has a high population growth rate .

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