Itako Travel Guide

Itako is an area that includes Itako City in southeastern Ibaraki Prefecture, as well as Namegata City, Kashima City, and Kamisu City.

For sightseeing in Itako, we recommend the Maekawa Twelve Bridges Canal Boat Tour which utilizes canals used since the Edo Period for transit of goods, etc. In June the Suigo Ayame Festival is held where you can enjoy a downriver tour courtesy of a boat guide, riding on traditional boats called ‘sappa boats.’ If you do visit Ayame in June, this is also the best time to visit the Suigo Itako Ayame-en, Itako Riverside Iris Park. Aside from that, there are many locations that are perfect for strolling, including Gongen-yama Park and Kashima-jingu Shrine.

For traveling throughout the area, train/bus/car travel is the most convenient. From each major city in Japan you can reach the area by train. Itako Station is the nearest train station, and from Tokyo Station to Itako Station it is about a 2 hour trip by JR train. You can also take a high speed bus from Tokyo Station. Access from airports is also convenient: you can also take a bus from Haneda Airport or Narita Airport to Suigo Itako Station.

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