Osaka Travel Guide

Osaka is a city located in the heart of the Kinki region.

In Osaka there was a large market, and therefore it is historically called “the world’s kitchen”. The city is thriving with businesses such as restaurants and eateries. Osaka is also the birthplace of popular Japanese foods made of flour such as Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki. Additionally, there are many foreign residents in Osaka, and at the Korea Town in Tsuruhashi you can enjoy an eating experience that makes you feel as if you were in Korea.  

If you walk the streets, conversation with a good tempo can be heard. This characteristic speech is a dialect of the Kansai area called Kansai dialect (Kansai-ben). Many Japanese people associate Kansai dialect with comedians, and one of the reasons for this is that many comedians in Japan are from the Kansai area. Although it is frequently said that it is tough to make Osakans laugh, on the flip-side it is also very true that their spirit of service is strong. Public performances are usually in Japanese, and people that want to see Japanese comedy should go to the Nanba Grand Kagetsu or Umeda Arts Theater. 

Osaka, while having such a unique culture, is also the second largest city in Japan just after Tokyo. Osaka is full of tourist locations, numerous eating and drinking establishments in Umeda, Nanba, and Shinsekai (new-world downtown area), is home to one of Japan’s three lord’s castles called Osaka Castle, and there is also Universal Studios Japan, Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, and Tsutenkaku Tower. In addition, Osaka is located nearby Kyoto and Nara, and being only about a 30-50 minute train ride away, this makes the Osaka area perfect for tourism as well. 

The closest airports to Osaka are Osaka International Airport and Kansai International Airport. There are many overseas and domestic flights available as well as more than 10 flights a day connecting Osaka to Haneda Airport in Tokyo, just a quick 1 hour and 15 minute flight away. It is also possible to take the Shinkansen train from Shin-Osaka Station to Tokyo, and this trip takes around 2 and a half hours. 

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