Miyama Travel Guide

Miyama is the area which covers from central to northeastern Kyoto prefecture.  It includes the cities of Maizuru, Fukuchiyama, Ayabe, and Nantan and the county of Funai.

For sightseeing, Thatched Roof Village in the town of Miyama is particularly popular for its lovely Japanese landscapes. In the district, there are old houses where you can actually stay. If you are interested in lifestyle habits and customs, you can go learn about them at the Miyama Museum of History and Museum of Folklore. For an experience completely different from Kyoto’s urban areas, we recommend Kyoto’s charming sea at the city of Maizuru, which faces the sea.

It is necessary to have a car for getting around this area.  From central Kyoto to Miyama, it takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes by car. 

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