Kameoka Travel Guide

Kameoka is a region located in the southwestern part of Kyoto prefecture.  It includes the city of Kameoka and borders Osaka prefecture.

You won’t want to miss the Hozu-kawa River Boat Ride, which allows you to go down the river while watching the beautiful valley. The autumn leaves and the new leaves in spring are especially recommended. Because Kameoka is an area rich in nature, you can enjoy the scenery every season at shrines and temples such as Izumo Dai-jingu Shrine, Anao-ji Temple, Kokusho-ji Temple, etc... Another popular spot is Yunohana Onsen, which allows you to take a hot spring bath while enjoying the natural scenery.

It is necessary to have a car for getting around this area.  From major cities, it is accessible by bullet or conventional trains.  It takes 20 minutes to get from central Kyoto to Kameoka Station in Kameoka by express.  

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