Asuka Travel Guide

Asuka is a region located in the northwestern part of Nara prefecture.  It includes the cities of Gose, Katsuragi, Kashihara, and Yamatotakada.

For people interested in history, there are many sightseeing spots such as Mausoleum of the Emperor Jinmu, the grave of Japan’s legendary first emperor, Emperor Jinmu, Ishibutai Tomb, and Takamatsuzuka Tomb. There are also historical shrines such as Kashihara-jingu Shrine and Taima-dera Temple. In addition, don’t miss the The Museum, Archaeological Institute of Kashihara, a museum where various archeological materials are displayed.

It is possible to get around this area by Kintetsu Kashihara line, Kintetsu Minami Osaka line, and JR Sakurai line.  From Osaka Station and Kyoto Station, it takes about 1 hour to get to Kashihara Jingumae Station.  

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