Southern Hokkaido Travel Guide

Southern Hokkaido is the area located in the southern part of Hokkaido.  It is the area within Hokkaido which is closest to Honshu Main Island and is connected to Aomori Prefecture by Hokkaido shinkansen bullet train, railway, ferry, and underwater tunnel.

Popular tourist destinations include Onuma Quasi-National Park which has been designated as a National Park, former residences of the Nakamura House, Esashi (Nakamura-ke Jutaku (Esashi)) and Yokoyama House, Esashi (Yokoyama-ke (Esashi)) who made a fortune in fishing and in the industrial field, and Matsumae-jo Castle where visitors can learn about the history and development of Hokkaido.

There are many districts within this area and it is recommended to travel by car.  Hakodate city is also nearby and busses and trains are abundant in Hakodate.  Sightseeing spots in south part of Southern Hokkaido can be accessed by bus from Hakodate.  The closest airport is Hakodate Airport.

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