Asahikawa Travel Guide

Asahikawa is an area located in Hokkaido’s western part. It is the second most populated city in Hokkaido after Sapporo.

There’s a wealth of shopping opportunities surrounding Asahikawa Station, including “Sanroku-machi” business districts that are similar to Sapporo’s district of Susukino. As a result of these shopping areas, Asahikawa has flourished as a city. Rental bicycles are also available so you can enjoy wandering about the area surrounding the train station. If you’re interested in the gourmet side of Asahikawa, make sure to try the famous soy sauce based ramen. Also, Asahikawa neighbors Furano City’s town of Biei, and you can take a sightseeing bus from Furano Station that connects to Asahikawa Station via Asahikawa Airport. It’s a very convenient area for seeing a lot of tourist attractions all at once.

Asahikawa’s major tourist attraction is “Asahiyama Zoo”, a zoo famous throughout the country. If you’re wondering why it’s so popular, the secret is in the exhibits. The animals in the Asahiyama Zoo aren’t just put on exhibit to show off the animals; rather, their enclosures are furnished with equipment that encourages the animals to behave as they would in the wild, which lets you see the animals in their natural state. Asahiyama is different from a normal zoo and it is highly recommended for those interested in seeing animals in a carefree environment.

Furthermore, if you’re visiting Asahikawa you’ve got to see the magnificent mountain scenery at places like Daisetsuzan National Park. You can also ride the Daisetsuzan Asahidake Ropeway up 1600m and enjoy one of the highly-recommended 1-hour trekking courses that are available. In addition to Daisetsuzan National Park there are numerous other nature sightseeing spots such as Soun-Kyo, Tennin-Kyo, and Hagoromo Waterfall. The area is rich in traditional crafts as well which are exhibited at locations such as the Yukara-ori Folk Craft Museum and the Hokkaido Traditional Art and Craft Village.

The nearest airport is Asahikawa Airport, from which we recommend you take a bus to get to Asahikawa Station. To get from Asahikawa Station to the various tourist spots, a car is the most convenient transportation method.

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