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Japanese bridge selected from sightseeing spots【Kanto】

Japanese bridge selected from sightseeing spots【Kanto】 © Iry

This time, we gathered "bridges" in the Kanto district from among the many sightseeing spots posted in Japan Hoppers. If you are interested in Japanese architecture, please check this out!


[Tokyo] Nihonbashi

A bridge over the Nihonbashi River in the center of Tokyo. It was constructed during the Edo period, and since then it was a key part of the transportation of people traveling to and from Tokyo. A highway runs over head, making it hard to feel traditional, but it is still a bridge that is representative of Japan and is loved by many people.

Nagano Prefecture

【Kamikochi】 Kappa Bridge

A wooden suspension bridge that is symbolic of Kamikochi. It also has a spectacular view point is which you can see the Japanese Alps. Regarding the origin of the name, one theory is that there was a deep pool where a Kappa would live under this bridge, another theory is that in the past there was no bridge and those who wanted to cross had to place their cloth on their heads resembling a Kappa. These theories have not been proven though. A famous Japanese author Ryunosuke Akutagawa, wrote "Kappa" set in Kamikochi, and the landscape at that time is expressed in his novel. It is also translated into English, so it may be an interesting read before visiting.

【North Alps】 Meishin Bridge


Myojin Bridge is a suspension bridge located 3 km upstream from Kappa Bridge in Kamikochi. From the bridge you can look up Mikujidake which has an altitude of 2931 m. This area is also famous for Hotaka Shrine, which is popular as a spot of power and located on the immediate side of the bridge.

【Kiso】 Nagai Kiso's Ohashi Bridge

Kiso's Ohashi is a drum-shaped bridge that draws a beautiful arch hanging over the Nara River since 1991. As a bridge without a pier, it is one of the largest in Japan and is a luxurious bridge made of Japanese cypress about 300 years ago.

Yamanashi Prefecture

【Kofu】 Sarusobashi

Saruhashi is a bridge crossing the Katsuragawa that flows through Otsuki-shi, Yamanashi Prefecture. This bridge was made with a design from the Edo period and is supported by four hanegi that protrude from both banks without using bridge piers. Since both foundations of the current Saruhashi are fortified with concrete, safety is not a problem. It has also been depicted by a Ukiyoe painter in the Edo era, and in "drawing of Koyo Saruibashi" by Ando Hiroshige and "Kanno Kusakabe in the country various ways".

Ibaraki Prefecture

【Introduction】 Maekawa Zodiac Bridge Tour


Maekawa Juji Bridge is a course that involves 12 old bridges in Maekawa and Ibaraki Prefecture. You take the course on an old-fashioned boat. Usually, the boat is operated with an outside motor, but during the "Suido Ayame Festival Tournament in June", a boat called "Sappa Boat" is used. This is an old-fashioned rowing boat powered by a boatman. You can also see beautiful and colorful flowers from the ship.

【Mito】 Ryujin Large Suspension Bridge


Ryujinai Suspension Bridge is a bridge over the Ryujin Dam in Oku-ku prefectural natural park. It is only open for walking and is the length of Honshu. The length is 446 m and central span is 375 m. It is designed to allow 3,500 people to cross at once. From atop of the bridge you can enjoy the large panorama of Mizuho's mountains. Various events are held here according to the season, and "Koinobori Festival" where about 1000 carp streamers swim through the sky over the Ryujin Dam over from April - May is famous. Autumn leaves festival etc. of Ryujin Gora are held in fall.

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