Okayama Travel Guide

Okayama is the central city of Okayama Prefecture and includes Okayama city.

Okayama’s specialty products are well-known nationwide and include Muscat and white peach.  It is also known as the stage of the famous Japanese folktale, the legendary Momotaro.  In addition to Kibitsu Hiko Jinja Shrine and Kibitsu-jinja Shrine which enshrine Kibitsu Hiko, also known as Momotaro, statues of Momotaro exist around the city, starting with the statue at Okayama Station’s East Exit.

A popular tourist destination of Okayama is Koraku-en Garden, regarded as one of three great gardens of Japan.  Manicured plants are planted around the large, central pond.  Enjoy the four seasons.  From the top floor of the adjacent Okayama Castle, visitors can overlook Koraku-en Garden.

Old streets and buildings remain in Okayama and can be said to be one of the city’s features.  Ashimori Samurai Residence, the Traditional Townscape of Ashimori were built during the Edo period (1603-1868) and it is interesting to take a stroll imagining the lifestyles of the samurai.  Saijo-inari Shrine is also a recommended spot for people interested in history.  Visitors will learn about the relationship of Buddhism and Shinto in Japan.

Transportation within the area is convenient by train or bus.  From other major areas, access Okayama by plane or Shinkansen bullet train.  The closest airport is Okayama Airport.  From the airport, Okayama Station is 30 minutes by bus.  By Shinkansen, Okayama is approximately 3 hours from Tokyo Station, 40 minutes from Shin-Osaka Station, and 1 hour 40 minutes from Hakata Station.

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