Bicchu Travel Guide

Bichu is a region located on the western side of Okayama prefecture.  Besides the cities of Takahashi and Ihara, it includes and the city of Niimi located on the northwestern end the prefecture.

Popular tourist attractions include Bichu Matsuyama Castle. For those who are interested in history, we also recommend residences such as "Old Samurai Residences of the Orii Family & Haibara Family" and Hirokane Old House. In addition, the Fukiya district of Takahashi has a history of producing red iron oxide in the Meiji era (1868-1912), and houses made of reddish brown tiles and walls are preserved.  At the Fukiya Folk Museum in the Fukiya Fusrusato Village, you can actually enter the buildings and enjoy the exhibitions of the historical lifestyle.

You can get around this area by car or conventional railway.  If you use Bichu Takahashi Station located in the center of this area, you must change to the Hakubi line at Okayama Station when coming from major cities.  A limited express from Okayama Station to Bichu Takahashi Station takes 35 minutes.

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