Tajimi / Ena Travel Guide

Tajimi/ Ena is a region located in the southeastern part of Gifu prefecture.  It includes the cities of Tajimi, Ena and Nakatsugawa and borders Nagano and Aichi prefectures.   

Tourist attractions are Magome-juku, which prospered as a lodging point on the Nakasendo, an Edo period (1603-1868) highway, and the Hiroshige Museum of Art,Ena, where Ukiyoe prints depicting Edo period landscapes are displayed. Tajimi is also a production area for Mino-yaki pottery, so the Tajimi Mino Pottery Museum is recommend for people who are interested in pottery.

It is most convenient to get around this area by JR Chuo Main line.  Pottery making studios like Koube Gama are in the mountains so you should go by bus or car.  From major cities, take the bullet train to Nagoya and change to the JR Chuo line for Tajimi Station.  From Tokyo it takes 2 hours and 30 minutes.  

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