Matsumoto Travel Guide

Matsumoto is located in Nagano Prefecture and is the area that includes Matsumoto City.

The charm of Matsumoto is that visitors can visit historical places such as Matsumoto Castle and Former Kaichi School as well seeing modern art very close by.

Matsumoto Castle, which is designated as a National Treasure, was built during the Bunroku Year (1593-1594).  The black walls are characteristic of the Castle earning the nickname of Karasu-jo (Crow Castle).  Nakamachi Street, a wholesale district which has continued from the Edo period (1603-1868) is a 5 minute walk from Matsumoto Castle.  There are cafes and shops along the street for visitors to enjoy.  From April to December, a Marche market is held every Saturday.

Matsumoto is also the birthplace of Kusama Yayoi, a contemporary artist representative of Japan.  Many of Kusama Yayoi’s works are therefore displaced at the Matsumoto City Museum of Art.  Speaking of art, Matsumoto also holds a music festival featuring the world-renowned conductor Seiji Ozawa at the helm.  The music festival is held every year between August and September and many famous musicians from around the world gather here.

The closest train station to the area is JR Matsumoto Station.  It is approximately 2 hours 30 minutes by express train from Shinjuku Station in Tokyo.  Visitors can also use Shinshu Matsumoto Airport from Fukuoka, Sapporo or Osaka by plane.  It is convenient to take a bus from Shinshu Matsumoto Airport to Matsumoto Station, which lets you off at a bus terminal in front of Matsumoto Station.

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