Kita Alps Travel Guide

The Northern Alps is a mountain range located in the western part of Nagano prefecture.  It is a popular area for hiking enthusiasts because of its chain of 3000 meter mountains like the city of Omachi’s Mount Yari and the city of Matsumoto’s Mount Hotaka. 

The charm of the area is in the beautiful landscape of the North Alps mountain ranges. Enjoy not only climbing, but also camping and rafting.  Kamikochi is one of the most popular and many people visit for summer vacations. Besides that, it is full of spots where you can experience nature such as Taisho-ike Pond and Myojin-ike Pond, Kappa Bridge and Sanbondaki Falls. When attempting full-scale mountain climbing such as on Mount Yari and Mount Hotaka, please prepare thoroughly and be sure to submit your climbing notification to the municipality.

It is convenient to have a car for getting around this area.  Many of the mountain entrances have parking lots located nearby.  In order to preserve the natural environment, private cars are not allowed at Kamikochi so it is necessary to use the parking lot at Matsumoto Station and take the bus or taxi from there.  It takes about 3 hours and 20 minutes to drive by car or 3 hours to go by train from Tokyo to Matsumoto Station.

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