Business Hotels

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Typical Business hotel exterior

Staying at Business hotels

The lower-and mid-range hotels fall into the category of business hotels, which are mostly located in the urban area.

Facilities and Characteristics

Japanese business hotels provide economical and no-frills accomodations to travelers. They have single rooms and twin rooms but generally no suite rooms. Some also has a large communal bath, like the one you can bathe at city hotel or ryokan. Even some of them feature a natural hot spring bath. The hotels are usually clean, well-kept, and sanitary. The average charges are from 4,000 to 6,000 yen, including breakfast. Some hotel’s breakfasts are exquisite and provided in buffet style with fresh bread. They often stand at convenient locations near railway stations or expressway exits. Internet access is almost always available in each room, and is often free. You can book most of business hotels through the Internet and that helps the hotels keep their prices low. 

A standard interior of a room of business hotel 

Unexpected advantages of business hotels other than reasonable pricing

Business hotels focus on just staying so the rooms may look like plain. On the other hand, you can economize accommodation charges and schedule your plan freely. As no room services are available, you do not have to be bothered with dealing with hotel staff.