Capsule Hotels

Capsule Hotels

Unique to Japan-capsule hotels

These custom-built hotels featuring encapsulated beds are mostly located in busiest   urban areas. 

How to use

You can check in at a hotel counter and receive a key. That is not for your capsule, but for a locker to store your luggage. The capsules themselves have no key and usually are constructed in two tiers. Besides a mattress, pillow, and bedding, capsules include lighting, climate control, an alarm clock, and a personal TV. Guests slide into their capsule to relax and sleep. 

Guests sleep inside of these capsules.


Charges of capsule hotels are more reasonable than those of business hotels *, around 2,000 yen per stay. Unlike business hotels, booking in advance is not necessarily required.

Current development

Capsule hotels have catered only to men, but recently some have facilities comfortable for women. The number of cabin-type capsule hotel rooms with desks and chairs are also increasing now. 


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